Sunday, January 12, 2014

Feeling Guilty

Yes, I'm still alive. Just embarrassed. Christmas wasn't even particularly bad for my eating and working out. Meals were planned and there were lots of people to work out with. It was the time between Christmas being over and school beginning that I went overboard in eating and lacked any workouts whatsoever. My birthday was yesterday. The big 2-9. Between that and New Years resolutions I've come up with a new plan. So here it is.

I am going to eat according to the Canada food guide. For a person my age and gender I should be consuming 8 servings of vegetables, 6 servings of grains, 2 servings of meat and 2 servings of dairy along with 3 tbsp of oil for cooking and sald dressings. I printed off and laminated a chart so all I have to do is check a box every time I eat something from one of these food groups. I did a test day and following the food guide keeps me in the 1500 calories zone but more importantly I am eating much healthier food then I previously have. I made a list of 8 breakfast, 7 lunch and 10 suppers ideas that will help me stay on track.

I haven't worked out since last year so I am starting slow, with 30 minutes of cardio and a weight lifting circuit per day. I have 2 months to get to a place where I can start training for the half marathon.

This all sounds so doable, nothing too extreme for me since my biggest obstacle is my mind and it tends to rebel whenever I think I am going to train an hour a day or live off of green smoothies (which are great for you, just not exclusively, I've got a great recipe for one of my breakfast options). I've also cleaned my house out of junk food. Or ingredients to make junk food. I have trouble eating just one of anything so it's better to have nothing around.

So there, I'm back and more dedicated than ever. Weight this morning was 179.  I'm excited too see how far eating well and exercising will take me.  Ill check in next Sunday. Awesome job Eve! I would love to see that number again. And Mindy, you're in pre baby jeans? That's fantastic!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Lets just talk for one little minute about how much better our bodies (and minds) feel now that we're not on a constant dose of sugar.  Ok, maybe that was just me over the holidays. But seriously, I might as well have hooked up an IV.  It was a bit ridiculous!  I am eating better, and it makes me feel better.  I just hopped on the scale, and am down 3lbs from last week.  I am >10lbs from my pre pregnancy weight and feeling pretty good about it.  In fact, I finally fit into the next pants size down... the pants size I was wearing when I got pregnant.  :)  I have big goals and plans for my body once I'm actually able to do some impact exercise.

I had a physio appointment tonight, and still have a ways to go.  Call me stupid, but it never had occurred to me just how important core strength is.  We reassessed and I have a whole new set of exercises that I am supposed to do now.  Hopefully I'll have some serious core strength in the next couple of months. 

Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eve's Wednesday Edition

Im hoping our little group of love pudgies will start blogging again!  I really like posting once a week, as it gives me a chance to reset my focus for the week.

I've been doing the Whole 30 challenge for a week now, which basically means no Sugar, no grains, no dairy, Lots of Protein, Veggies and Fruits.  Its a hard challenge-There is no a lot of quick food options... but it works for me!  My biggest goal for this challenge is to give up Diet Coke.  Its been a dietary crutch of mine for many many years... basically since I did weight watchers when I was 22.  It had zero point value and tasted delicious... so i didn't see any harm in it  (screw all the scientific studies on aspartame, right!?!).  Well... Fast forward 10 years and I'm drinking the stuff like water, and i KNOW its very unhealthy, and i KNOW i need to quit... but it sooooo hard.   So that is really my main goal in January, is to give it up.  I am going on 8 days without it.. and the withdrawal headaches have stopped. I'm really excited to be Diet Coke Free.  It doesnt mean that I will Never drink it again... but I want to reserve it for special date nights, at a restaurant, once a week... not every morning at the crack of dawn! That, my friends is addiction.

And on another Bonus Note... Whole 30 is SO GOOOD for loosing weight!  I've been on it for one week now, and Im down to... drum roll please   132.8 Lbs at this mornings weigh in... thats a loss of 3.4lbs since my last Love pudge blog!!!!!!! Insanity right ?!?  I've surpassed my initial goal of 135lbs... and i didnt think I would ever make it to this day.... hooray!!  I hope i can keep this up, and maybe even break through to the 120's (like 129... lets be real here), in the rest of January throughout my Whole 30 challange.

Happy New Years to All, and May you all work towards your goals!



Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mindy Checking In

Thanks to breastfeeding, I'm still on the losing side of things (barely).  Unfortunately exercise has had to take a back seat.  In both of my pregnancies, I have dealt with pubis symphisys pain.  When I started doing Slim in 6, the pain started coming back... like someone had taken an ax to me.  I am presently in physio therapy and doing some serious transversus abdominal strengthening (kegels), as well as some binding rectus abdominal crunches (binding so I don't end up with a tent in the middle since my abs aren't totally back together yet).

I am a Monday start my goals girl, so Monday I'll be eating clean all the time, and hopefully this weekend will have my exercise bike to use.

Onward and upward, right?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To all those joining in on the Whole 30 Challenge..... remember

NO Slips*NO Cheats*NO Excuses
No Dairy
No Grain
No Sugar
NO Diet Coke

Lets do this people, the results will be amaze balls!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Im with you Poo!!!

Ok, so I've fallen off the wagon over christmas as well. A few of my indulgences have included; hand crafted toffee, a giant iceberg milkshake, too many of nawana's delcious nanaimo bars and much more. It all tasted delicious.. but i indulged too much.. my stomach ached last night from my monstrous milkshake.. and that is just no good!

I cant bring myself to step on the scale just yet, as i know the number has risen, and i don't want to be depressed all day about it... so im going to hop back on the wagon and give myself a couple of weeks before weighing in again.

I will keep blogging on Wednesday throughout January, during my Whole 30 Challenge.  Im so excited because Patience will be visiting me for 2 weeks in Jan, so we can do it together, yipeeeee!!

Merry Christmas, Happy new years to all! 


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Crickets is all I'm reading...

Sisters, friends, people. I know, I know. I fell off the wagon a few weeks ago and I haven't owned up to it. So here it is- I fell off and hit the ground hard. But my ways are changing. I'm going to start the 30 day challenge on January 2nd and I can't wait. I've been pinning meal ideas and workouts to help prepare and also psych myself up for the experience. I'm looking forward to it and I keep telling myself that yes I can do anything for 30 days and while I don't quite believe it yet I am on my way. Ha ha.

So Christmas season. I've actually been exercising pretty well but also eating pretty well. And by well I mean that I have been eating goodies and candy and bread and chocolate. And I feel gross and I know it is not good for me.

How has everyone else been doing? I still plan on blogging here weekly about my challenge when it begins and you can too. I know Emily wants to start blogging with us in January too and I say the more the merrier.